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Welcome to the Japanese Language Program


The Japanese Program in the Department of World Languages and Cultures offers language courses every semester, a minor in Japanese language, study abroad opportunities, and expanding opportunities for coursework related to Japanese language and culture. For exceptional students a self-designed major in Japanese is also an option.

We use Genki and the Kanji Look and Learn textbooks for beginning Japanese through JPN251. Students studying Japanese at TCNJ learn to understand and use both spoken and written modern, standard Japanese in a communicative, proficiency-oriented curriculum.

Beginning in the 2011-2012 academic year, students who have studied Japanese through 152 are eligible to apply for a spot in the Japanese House Living Learning Community.

Students with an interest in Japan(ese) are also involved in the Japanese Club, the Taiko (Japanese drumming) club, and the Aikido Club.

Course Offerings

**Students beginning their study of Japanese at TCNJ must enroll in JPN151, an intensive course which counts for 8 credits (two courses), and meets every day. JPN151 is ONLY offered in the fall semester.

  • JPN 151: First-year intensive Japanese I (fall semester annually).
  • JPN 152 First-year intensive Japanese II (spring semester annually)
  • JPN251: Second-year intensive Japanese I (fall semester annually)
  • JPN252: Second-year intensive Japanese II (spring semester annually)
  • JPN 370/Topics in Japanese: 1 course unit (occasionally)
  • JPN171: Contemporary Japan (spring semester annually)
  • JPN 371/Topics in Japanese (taught in English): 1 course unit (occasionally)
  • JPN 391/Independent Study in Japanese: variable course units

For more information on courses to fulfill the Japanese minor, please see the World Languages and Cultures Undergraduate Bulletin.

Program Coordinator:

Holly Didi-Ogren or 609-771-2890

Visiting Instructors (2013-2014):

Kayoko Takahashi

Michiyo Goto